Enrichment Courses

Montessori Phonics

  • Learn in a fun way all the 26 sounds of the Alphabets.
  • Incorporating the child's sense of touch, sight and sound so that he/she learns quickly and easily.
  • Lots of revision and word building is done before the child advances towards the next step of reading.
  • Helps the child with his/her spelling.
  • Assists the child to read longer words and so builds up his vocabulary quickly and easily.
  • Allows the child to become a confident reader.

The Montessori Method

Fun & Creative Activities

  • Unique and induces interest in the child.
  • Allow independence and fostering of confidence.
  • See, feel and hear approach to Reading.

Well trained and experience teachers

  • No force, no pushing, no drilling.

Small Class of maximum 6 students

  • Every child is closely monitored.
  • Proven to be effective.
Classes for K1/K2 are conducted once a week at 1 hr each.

Music Courses

Do you know the benefits of learning music???    
  1. Music enhances brain development.
  2. Music improves memory capability.
  3. Music enhances motor skills and patience.
  4. Music teaches discipline and self-confidence.
  5. Music relieves stress.
  6. Music lessons in-group help in social development & teamwork skills.
  7. Music promotes a sense of achievement.
  8. Music improves concentration, memory and self-expression.
  9. Music enhances intellectual development makes you smarter.
  10. Music is fun.

Courses Offered





Music Explorer

Classes are conducted for small group, once a week at 45 mins each.

Primary One Preparatory Class

  • Gives your child a head start and solid foundation to the Primary One education.
  • Prepares your child intellectually, mentally and emotionally for a heavy and structured Primary school Syllabus.
  • The course will cover the main areas of English and Mathematics and some simple Science components.
  • Small class size for more effective learning.

The Course Structure


  • Grammar, Vocabulary.
  • Reading and Comprehension.
  • Creative Writing Skills.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Cloze.


  • Addition and Subtraction.
  • Simple Multiplication and Division.
  • Number Bonds.
  • Solving Simple Problems.
  • Thinking Skills and more.

Classes are conducted once a week at 1 hr 30 mins each.

Primary School Chinese Tuition

  • Taught by teacher with more than 10 years experience who is familiar MOE Syllabus and Exam Format.
  • Nurture and develop students' fullest potentials.
  • Improve students' grades in school.
  • Students learn verbs and sentences structure, which helps to improve writing skills and language structure.
  • Small class size for more effective learning.

The Course Structure

Tuition Syllabus

  • Reading and understanding text.
  • Forming Sentences.
  • Composition and Comprehension.
  • Worksheets and structured teaching to improve vocabulary, oral, reading and cloze passage skills.
Classes are conducted once a week at 1 hr 30 mins each.